Somerset reveal brand new “My Somerset” accounts and introduce new Single Sign On solution!

Somerset County Cricket Club can reveal that Single Sign On has now been implemented. This will currently allow the user to seamlessly move between the SCCC Website (with a host of additional benefits below) and the Club’s ticketing platform. There are plans for the near future to add in-ground Wi-Fi and retail to the portfolio. In the longer term, this gives the Club full capability to explore Club Loyalty, Rewards and and industry leading Club App innovations.

This can now be done by creating a brand new and FREE My Somerset account.

We appreciate that this may be seen as an inconvenience, but it only needs to be done once and is very quick and easy to do. It also comes with a host of other benefits. Some of which you can see below – more will be revealed soon!

Please note a My Somerset account must be created in order to continue to transact with SCCC or redeem guest passes. This is different to your existing Membership or ticketing account.

Creating a “My Somerset” account allows supporters to access a host of brand-new benefits including:

  • Exclusive digital content available through the new SCCC website
  • Competing against fellow supporters through the season long WPA predictor game and leader boards
  • Access to exclusive content on the dedicated video player Wyvern X
  • A one-stop-shop to manage your preferences, contact details and payment methods.
  • Single Sign On capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly explore Somerset’s digital portfolio without managing multiple accounts.
  • Much, much more to come soon!

Up until now, fans have had separate logins for each platform, but by creating and linking a My Somerset account they can navigate between sites, enjoy content and make purchases seamlessly.

Please read some useful information on how to create, and link your My Somerset account.

Somerset supporters are encouraged to create a FREE My Somerset account. Once you have done this, you can link it to your Membership or ticketing accounts. Please read on for simple instructions on how to do so.

Please note, you will not be able to transact with Ticketing, Hospitality or Membership until you have created and linked your My Somerset account. We would recommend you do this now before you need to transact, in case of the unlikely event that you experience any challenges.

Please note it is also important that you link the correct Customer ID Number to your My Somerset account. All supporters with an existing Customer ID Number will be informed of it by email. If you’re still unsure of your customer ID Number, or you have multiple customer ID Numbers, please email

If you don’t have an existing Customer ID Number, simply set up a new account.

Please note, each My Somerset account must have a unique email address. If you currently share an email address, to benefit from a My Somerset account you must assign a unique email to each account.  Alternately, you can still purchase tickets online on behalf of another supporter or use the family and friends functionality.

Below you can find a set of handy written instructions and a video guide.

Somerset Account FAQs

Linking to your My Somerset and Ticketing/Membership accounts

  1. Create or login to your My Somerset account at (this is different to your existing ticketing account)
  2. Confirm your opt in preferences – make sure you tick YES to emails from Somerset County Cricket Club in order to receive important updates and offers from the club
  3. Click Link Customer Id Number on your profile page
  4. Click “Link your Current Customer ID Number here” on the Linked Accounts page
  5. If you are missing any required fields, you will be prompted to complete them in your My Somerset profile
  6. When directed to add the Customer ID number that has been emailed to all supporters and is also available on Membership cards. If you are still unsure of your Customer ID Number, please email
  7. If you do not have an email address associated with your ticketing or Membership accounts, please contact to add your email address to your ticketing account. If your first name and / or surname don’t match your ticketing account you won’t be able to link, again please contact
  8. If you have entered the correct number, you will be logged in to your ticketing account. If you link to an incorrect number or receive an error message, please contact


  • If you can’t create a My Somerset account with your email address it may be that it is already registered to another account. Each My Somerset account must have a unique email address.
  • Generic addresses like info@ sales@ admin@ won’t be accepted, please ensure you use a personal email address.
  • If you cannot link your My Somerset and ticketing accounts it may be because the account details don’t match, please contact to ensure we have the most up to date information on your ticketing account.
  • If you don’t receive your activation or password re-set emails, please check your junk folders. If they are still not received, please contact
  • If you link your My Somerset account to the wrong ticketing account, please contact and we can correct for you.