2024 Somerset Women fixtures released


The 2024 fixtures for Somerset Women have now been published.

The summer will see the team playing both T20 and 50-over cricket, with the season starting in April and finishing in August.

There will be a national element to the T20 competition this year, whilst there will also be additional focus on 50-over cricket.

Many of the venues are yet to be confirmed but we are delighted to be able to announce that the 50-over debry match against Gloucestershire will be held at the Cooper Associates County Ground on Sunday July 14th.

Pathway Coach & Women & Girls Lead, Kieran Peters is pleased with the new structure of the season.

“Things will be slightly different again this summer,” he said. “To have a national final in the T20 competition is really exciting and will be really valuable within the overall structure of the season. We will obviously be looking to win our group again this year which will create the opportunity for us to go on to a national final.

“Eight teams in our group means that there’s more teams to play against, which is another exciting development for 2024. It’s also great to see that the tournament is spread out over the whole summer rather than being confined to April and May.

“The 50-over competition will be run by the ECB this year. It’s nice to see that the governing body are looking to grow and improve the offering for women and girls at a domestic level. It’s important that the pro game and the game at this level are aligned as closely as possible. More structured 50-over cricket being a part of the women’s schedule is extremely valuable for those players who are looking to transition into cricket at the next level.

“The women’s county game as it is now is often the first opportunity for a lot of young cricketers to play against women in 50 over cricket rather than at age group level. It also provides additional opportunities for Western Storm coaches and scouts to have a look at our best high-potential players across the county as well as giving the players important experience of the format.”

What will it mean to play the 50-over derby at the Cooper Associates County Ground?

“It’s always an exciting opportunity when the girls get to play here at Somerset, “Kieran said. “It’s something that all the players really value and look forward to. It’s even more exciting that it’s the local derby. The girls will really cherish the opportunity and it’s a game that we can’t wait for.”







Start Time

Sunday 21/04/2024 Home Cornwall 50 overs TBC 11:00
Monday 06/05/2024 Away Dorset 50 overs TBC 11:00
Sunday 26/05/2024 Away (Oxford) Hampshire & Oxford T20 TBC 13:30
Sunday 16/06/2024 Home Wales & Gloucestershire T20 TBC 10:30
Sunday 30/06/2024 Away Oxfordshire 50 overs TBC 11:00
Sunday 14/07/2024 Home Gloucestershire 50 overs CACG 10:30
Sunday 28/07/2024 Away (Cornwall) Cornwall & Wiltshire T20 TBC 10:30
Sunday 11/08/2024 Away (Dorset) Devon & Dorset T20 TBC 13:30
Saturday 25/08/2024 National Final National Final T20 TBC TBC
Sunday 26/08/2024 National Final National Final T20 TBC TBC